Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) is wary about new federal criminal charges against Hunter Biden, son of the president. The Freedom Caucus member said gun charges may infringe on Second Amendment rights.

“No man is above the law, but no law is above the U.S. Constitution. As you all know, I am a self-defense and Second Amendment advocate,” Gosar said in his weekly newsletter to supporters Sunday. “That’s why I’m not too enthusiastic about the Hunter Biden indictment handed down this week.”

Biden was charged with three felony gun charges last week alleging that he illegally purchased and possessed a gun while on drugs. The charges focus on a form that Hunter Biden filled out when he purchased the handgun in which he signed that he was not using drugs.

“In my view, nobody should have to fill out a form and “get permission” from an unauthorized government agency to exercise their Second Amendment right,” Gosar continued. “I realize this is splashing cold water on some folks who want the Biden crime family prosecuted. But there are high crimes, treason, and bribery that should be the focus of the Biden family prosecution.”

Special counsel David Weiss brought the charges after a plea deal with Biden’s attorneys fell through. That plea would have seen Biden plead guilty to lesser firearm charges and tax crimes.

Weiss said that his office will continue to investigate allegations of tax crimes.

The charges come as House Republicans continue to investigate Hunter Biden’s business dealings, alleging that President Biden used his influence to help his son. Those allegations, so far unfounded, are the spark for an impeachment inquiry against the president.

Gosar said the gun charges are merely part of a “cover up” for more serious misconduct.

“These lesser accusations against Hunter Biden related to firearm forms are another attempt by Biden’s Department of Justice to cover up their family’s major crimes and corruption,” Gosar said. “These charges will not slow my work to hold Joe Biden accountable for abusing public office for his family’s financial gain.”

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