House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) slammed President Biden’s energy policies, placing blame on his administration for relying too much on the country’s “enemies.”

“We’ve watched the really horrendous decisions by the Democrats and the Biden administration,” McCarthy said Sunday in an interview with John Catsimatidis on WABC 770AM’s “Cat’s Roundtable.”

“They hurt America by cutting off what God has blessed this country to do, where we can be energy independent,” he added. “Raising the price of fuel, what that does is raises inflation.”

McCarthy advocated for American “energy independence,” an agenda that has been the backbone of Republican energy policy. He argued that increasing domestic energy production could even be good for the environment.

“If we replaced Russian natural gas in Europe, for one year, just one year, that would lower 215 million tons of emissions because our natural gas is 41 percent cleaner than Russian natural gas,” he claimed.

The Speaker said Democratic energy priorities — specifically those that focus on renewable energy — only serve to dampen the economy and can exacerbate inflation.

“The Biden administration has gone in and done an attack on the energy business, only wants renewable energy,” McCarthy said, adding that the push has “made the price of energy higher.”

“It doesn’t mean we buy less, it means we’re buying it from our enemies,” he quipped.

McCarthy also bragged about his House energy package, passed in March, which included measures to boost fossil fuel production, reduce regulation and increase mining. The measure, however, has yet to receive a vote in the Senate.

“It is a sad place, but it’s all from Democratic policies from this administration. Not just hurting America and our economy but helping our adversaries be stronger,” he said.

“That is why we need an American energy policy, which the House has passed, that makes America energy independent, utilizing all forms of energy from renewable, from nuclear, from oil and natural gas as well,” the California Republican added.

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