New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) has modified her controversial order banning firearms in the state’s capital city, now limiting its scope to city parks, she announced Friday.

Grisham announced a ban on all firearms — open and concealed carry — in and around Albuquerque earlier this month, citing a spate of violent crime in the city.

The initial move was met with widespread criticism from both political parties. Local law enforcement also vowed not to enforce the measure. A federal judge blocked the order on Wednesday.

Grisham used a public health emergency order to go through with the move. 

The new changes continue efforts to reduce gun violence in the city, she said. Instead of banning firearms in all public places, the order now bans guns in public parks and playgrounds.

“I’m going to continue pushing to make sure that all of us are using every resource available to put an end to this public health emergency with the urgency it deserves,” Grisham said in a statement Friday. “I will not accept the status quo – enough is enough.”

The new version of the order also includes sections to increase staffing at local jails and provide resources for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.

It is unclear if the order’s changes will be enough to avoid a continued block from federal courts.

“I respect the judge’s decision on the last public order, but I am far from done fighting to protect New Mexicans,” Grisham added in a social media post Friday.

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