Hunter Biden’s attorney made a bold prediction during an interview on “Good Morning America” Friday: The federal gun charges the president’s son faces “will be dismissed before trial.”

“The U.S. Attorney’s office has known about this for years. No charges. When they found out about it and made a deal,” attorney Abbe Lowell told GMA co-anchor George Stephanopoulos. “What changed? Not the facts, not the law, but all the politics that have now come into play.”

Biden, 53, was indicted on three counts this week related to allegations that he lied about his drug use when he purchased a firearm in October 2018. He has publicly acknowledged struggling with crack cocaine addiction around that time.

Lowell outlined several issues that will be raised in Biden’s defense, including whether the gun charges are constitutional and the collapse of a plea deal that Biden had struck with prosecutors.

“The only change that has occurred between when they investigated and today is that the law changed, but the law didn’t change in favor of a prosecution,” Lowell said. “The law changed against it because a couple of federal courts have found this gun charge to be unconstitutional.”

Lowell also suggested that he might have evidence to dispute the facts of the case but didn’t elaborate.

“The evidence will be presented when and if there is a trial,” he said. “I think the case will be dismissed before trial.”

The gun charges come on top of investigations into Biden’s business dealings, which could result in federal tax charges. The GOP-controlled House has also launched an impeachment inquiry into Biden’s business dealings and whether President Biden was improperly involved, though there has been no significant evidence of wrongdoing on the president’s part.

Hunter Biden’s legal issues have become a political football in the lead up to the 2024 presidential election, as President Biden seeks a second term and could potentially face 2020 rival former President Trump again on the ballot. Trump also is facing mounting legal issues and has been indicted in a case related to the Georgia election.

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