Megyn Kelly announced Thursday she will interview former President Trump next week.

The interview will be the first Kelly has conducted with Trump since May 2016, which came amid a feud between them that reached a peak in 2015’s Republican primary campaigning.

“It will be my first interview with a former president in seven years, and there is so much to get to. I’m really looking forward to this. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be spicy, and it’s going to be tough, but you’re all going to enjoy a lot too,” Kelly said in an announcement video posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

Kelly noted she had already interviewed several of Trump’s rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, including Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Chris Christie and Ron DeSantis. She’s also talked with Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The interview will air live on “The Megyn Kelly Show” next at noon ET Sept. 14 on SiriusXM Triumph channel 111 and later be available on podcasts.

The feud between Kelly, a former Fox News anchor, and Trump reached its peak in 2015 after the GOP presidential primary debate, when Kelly pressed Trump about his past comments toward women.

“You’ve called women ‘fat pigs, dogs, slobs, disgusting animals,’” she said as the moderator during the debate. Trump cut her off, saying, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” 

Kelly recently signaled she wants to turn the page on Trump, saying in July that she recently spoke with him at the conservative Turning Point USA conference for the first time in years and that the 2015 feud was no longer an issue between them.

“You know, all that nonsense between us is under the bridge, and he could not have been more magnanimous,” she said in July on her show. “The thing about Trump is he commands the room. It’s not just because he’s former president now because I knew before that. There’s just something about him, it’s like an aura that sort of takes over the room. There’s only one person you can look at.” 

“He could not have been nicer or more generous and had some interesting thoughts about the debates, whether he’s going to attend,” Kelly added at the time.

Kelly said Thursday that she hopes the interview will strike a balance between pressing Trump on important issues and making it a fun experience.

“I’m really looking forward to bringing you this one and many more to come. I’m very glad that he agreed to do it. He’s not saying yes to everyone. And to his credit, you know, Donald Trump knows that I’m not somebody who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome like the vast majority of people in the media, but I’m also not a sycophant, so I’m not going to go in there and be a bootlicker,” she said.

“It’s going to be fun and he can handle it perfectly well,” she continued.

The announcement about the interview comes as SiriusXM announced Kelly signed a new multiyear deal to continue hosting her show from noon-2 p.m. ET weekdays. The announcement noted the podcast version of Kelly’s radio show is one of the top podcasts in the country.

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