Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is set to speak at a White House event for an international arts award next week. 

Clinton will speak at the celebration of the 2023 Praemium Imperiale Laureates Sept. 12, the White House said in a press release Wednesday. First lady Jill Biden will also speak at the event. 

The Praemium Imperiale, first celebrated in 1994 at the White House by Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, is a global arts prize awarded annually by the Japan Art Association for lifetime achievement in the arts.

This comes after the former first lady was named an international adviser to the arts prize last year. She has since presided over the U.S. Nomination Committee, recommending candidates for the awards.

“On Tuesday, September 12, the names of the 34th Praemium Imperiale Laureates will be announced in Washington DC, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin and Tokyo. The Grant for Young Artists will be also announced at the press conference in Washington DC, presided over by International Advisor, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and followed by the presentation of the grant,” according to the Praemium Imperiale press release.

Clinton succeeded Caroline Kennedy, who stepped down from her advisory role in 2021 prior to her nomination to be ambassador to Australia under the Biden administration. 

Clinton, 75, is the fifth American to serve as a U.S. international adviser, following David Rockefeller, his son David Rockefeller Jr., former U.S. diplomat William Luers, and Kennedy.

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